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Money Saving Expert Tips:

My friends and family know that I am a frugal shopper, and always call me to get shopping advice. These are the most
important two money saving expert tips I share with them. The best money saving expert tip is, buy things with a
coupon and/or when they are on sale. (I will share with you the coupon resources and how to find the sales). Second
best money saving expert tip is -- don't wait until the last minute for shopping. You will end up with paying the full price
--. I am following these two most important money saving tips for last few years which helped me to save in thousands
of dollars! : )
If you ready to save money on everyday expenses, please
continue reading, and you may learn how easy it is to save
money while spending less. In my opinion, everything we buy
everyday is overpriced, and you can buy them at the fraction of
the listed prices if you learn the simple basics I am sharing here.
Save Money with Coupons: Learn the Coupon Basics.

If you really want to save money on your shopping trips, you need
to be familiar with coupon basics. I will start with some of the
basics, and when you use them, you will get to understand them
Please understand that, it is impossible to share the rules listed
in fine print of individual coupons here, and it is your
responsibility to read them and use for the intended items
appropriately. And, the coupon policy for each individual store
is varied, and please check with your stores of their individual
coupon policy.
Types of Printable and Printed Coupons:

There are three kinds of printed of printable coupons you can
use per item you buy.
(1). Manufacturers coupons
(2). Store Coupons
(3). Competitor coupons
Depending on the store you are shopping, you may be able to use all these three kinds of
coupons per item you buy, allowing you to buy the item free or nearly free. For example,
most of the Publix stores allow you to use a manufacturer's coupon, Publix store coupon and
a competitor coupon per item. Please check with your local store and check with them to get
their coupon Policy, and what stores they consider as competitors.
In general most stores would allow you to use a manufacturer's coupon and a store coupon
per item.
Coupon Resources: Where can we find printed and printable coupons. Read more >>

Money Saving tips for Online Shopping. Save money on Auto parts, Apparel, Cars, Gifts,
Flowers, Toys, Jewelry, Air Tickets, Vacations and more