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Money Saving Tip - Coupon Clippers Services.
If you are looking for multiple coupons from the Sunday paper, instead of paying for a lot of newspapers, you can buy entire coupon
inserts or individual coupons from coupon clippers. Usually you can get a lot of coupons for the fraction of price you would have paid
for newspapers. The coupons from Coupon clippers are free and you have to pay only the shipping and handling charges.
Money Saving Tip - Coupon Clippers: is one of the largest online grocery coupon
clipping service. offers more than a million
national-brand coupons.

Examples of fees you would pay at the Couponsclippers ; (Please
note that these pricing and offers are at the time of the writing, and
availability and fees may vary with time)
$0.50 Coupon for Quilted Northern Soft&Strong/1, 6 Dbl Roll
$1.00 Coupon for one Reach TOOTHBRUSH
$1.00 Coupon for Welch's Light Grape Beverage on ONE 64 oz

Handling Fee
- $ 0.08
- $ 0.15
- $ 0.12
Money Saving Tip - Coupon Clippers: is an online coupon clipping service and you can receive
manufacturers' coupons for a handling fee.

Sample offers from the Coupon Clippers:
$1.00/1 coupon for Mission Tortillas
$1.00/1 coupon for Gillette Fusion Pre/Post Shave Product
$1.25/1 coupon for Barilla Tortellini
Handling Fee
- $ 0.10
- $ 0.10
- $ 0.12
Usually coupon clipper services ships coupons within a reasonable time frame. If you
need the coupons soon, it is better to check their shipping schedule, and location, so
you will receive your coupons on time.