Money Saving Expert Tips: Coupons Resources: Where Can we find Coupons
There are two types of coupons: already printed coupons and and printable coupons. I
sharethe places where you can find already printed coupons, and the sources for printable
coupons details are listed here

You may be already know about the manufacturers and store coupons come with Sunday
news papers. As I shared below, there are various other sources you can get already printed
coupons most of the time
Coupon Sources

Already printed coupons come in various sources and news paper inserts are the most
widely known source. Here you will find that there are lots of other options for you to find
already printed coupons.
Money Saving Tip - Magazine Coupons.
Various Magazines carry coupons with high values. To find coupons for grocery and
households items, women targeted magazines including Women's World, Family Circle,
and Good Housekeeping may be a good start. You can try most of these magazines
free of charge for 90 days from online magazine stores like Best thing
about the magazine coupons is that their expiry date is set to a longer period than the
coupons in news papers.

Money Saving Tip - Coupon Books

Buying a coupon book is a smart way to save money. For example, you can purchase a
coupon book like Entertainment book for less than $22 (of course when it is on sale). Keep
your eye open on as they goes on sale more often (Usually it cost ~$35, and if you
remember the best two money saving tips, you need to buy it when it is on sale, and in
advance (not in a rush) so you can get it with free shipping as well : )

Entertainment book offers coupons specific for each area. Check out how you can save
money with everyday purchases. Make sure to enter your zip code and preview the
coupons before buying it. Read more on Entertianment book offers
Finding Coupons at Stores

Money Saving Tip - Smart Source Coupon Dispensers (Blinkies):
You can more often find manufacturers and store coupons at most of the Grocery
stores. They are usually comes in SmartSource Coupon Machines which are coupon
dispensers and are located in the store at the shelf.
Money Saving Tip - Tear Pads
Throughout the stores you can find tear pad coupons on the shelves or on a display.
Make sure you take some coupons for you although you are not buying that item the
same day. You can get the maximum savings when you buy with a coupon when the
product is on sale.
Money Saving Tip - Store coupons
Store coupons come in printed sheets or as email when you sign up for their
promotions. Printed store coupons are more often located at the front of the store in
a display, and make sure you look for them before shopping. For example, Publix
usually has a big display of manufacturers and store coupons near the entrance.
Money Saving Tip - Weekly store ad:
Most stores have $$ off coupons that can be used when you buy a certain amount
(eg. $5 off $25 coupon), or coupons for specific products in their weekly fliers. Make
sure you take a good look at the flyer and they are usually located at the front of the
Money Saving Tip - Peelies:
Peelies are a great to save money and these are usually attached to specific products.
You can use them by taking it off at the checkout. For example, usually cereal boxes,
certain bath products, baby products etc has $$ of coupons. If you see peelie
coupons attached to something you want to buy, make sure all the items of that
category you are buying has them as sometimes I have noticed that peelies are
missing from some of them.
Money Saving Tip - Coupon Booklets
More often you will find small booklets with recipes and health information that are
free to take, and they may have coupons. If you see free booklets, make sure
youbrowse through them, and most of the time, you may find coupons.
Money Saving Tip - Coupon tags
Look for coupons around bottle necks, and boxes in stores. Usually around the bottle
neck of wine bottles, fruit juice bottles, detergent cans you will find coupon tags.
Money Saving Tip - Coupon Clippers Services.
If you are looking for multiple coupons from the Sunday paper, instead of paying for a lot
of newspapers, you can buy entire coupon inserts or individual coupons from coupon
clippers. Usually you can get a lot of coupons for the fraction of price you would have paid
for newspapers. The coupons from Coupon clippers are free and you have to pay only the
shipping and handling charges.
Money Saving Tip - Coupon Clippers: is one of the largest online grocery coupon
clipping service. offers more than a million
national-brand coupons.
$0.50 Coupon for Quilted Northern Soft&Strong/1, 6 Dbl Roll
$1.00 Coupon for one Reach TOOTHBRUSH
$1.00 Coupon for Welch's Light Grape Beverage on ONE 64 oz

Examples of fees you would pay at the Couponsclippers ; (Please note that
these pricing and offers are at the time of the writing, and availability and fees may
vary with time
Handling Fee
- $ 0.08
- $ 0.15
- $ 0.12
Money Saving Tip - Coupon Clippers: is an online coupon clipping service and you can receive
manufacturers' coupons for a handling fee.

Sample offers from the Coupon Clippers:
$1.00/1 coupon for Mission Tortillas
$1.00/1 coupon for Gillette Fusion Pre/Post Shave Product
$1.25/1 coupon for Barilla Tortellini
Handling Fee
- $ 0.10
- $ 0.10
- $ 0.12
Usually coupon clipper services ships coupons within a reasonable time frame. If you
need the coupons soon, it is better to check their shipping schedule, and location, so
you will receive your coupons on time.
Money Saving Tip - Receipt Coupons
Most of stores now use register receipt papers with already printed coupons for
local stores and services. These coupons may include discounts for your favorite
salon, florist, local shoe store or for oil changes for your car. Make sure you keep a
side of the coupons that you may use later for these services.
Money Saving Tip - Check out Printable Coupons where you have access to print
thousands of coupons online.

Money Saving Tip - Coupons and Sample Offers

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